Our investment criteria

We think long term and work for the sustainable development of our investments.

We have determined the following investment criteria:

Investment scale
We invest in smaller, mid-sized businesses

Our investment focus is on small-cap companies with a turnover of from 5 to 50 million euros. It is exactly this kind of mid-sized company which faces a host of challenges - like for example a great need for equity financing or complex areas such as regulation of successors. As such we occupy a niche; only a low number of professional associated companies are active in this area.

Potential for growth
We invest in profitable companies

Profitability is a central criteria for investment for us: We offer growth capital for companies with products established on the market as well as positive cash flow and results. We won't supply you with venture capital.

We invest in the German-speaking world

Our investments are made above all in the German speaking world (Ger: DACH, namely Germany, Austria and Switzerland). This is because we believe that operative support can only work in conjunction with physical proximity. There's no substitute for personal communication to ensure efficient collaboration. In the DACH region, we can also make use of our established HTP network.

We invest in all branches of industry

As a principle, we invest in all industries. Through our long-term experience, we have, it must be said, a certain preference for industries of classical production and stability which make use of stable know-how (suppliers, technology, machine construction etc). However, we are open to all branches.