Our aims

We work in long term, sustainable and profitable manner
The goal of our investment strategy is the long-term and resilient business development of all associated companies. We are continually expanding our company group, one which is active across diverse branches. To this end we are continuing to acquire companies. It is of course our aim to do profitable business and make acceptable yields.

Our network
Our established network of renowned company families and advisors are placed at the disposal of our associated companies in proactive fashion. We'll put the word out to our HTP network. As such, you can make use of our contacts for yourself and open up new potential turnover. The independence of your company is of course never compromised.

Operative support for your company
We will support you operatively, commercially and strategically; as part of the management, in an advisory function or as an active member of the advisory board. Totally adjusted to your individual situation and needs.

Use our financial strengths
After acquisition and integration into the HTP network, it is possible that we offer you additional equity capital. Doing this, we ease your access to equity and borrowed capital, and you can receive capital for future investments under better conditions.